How to install and use the Push Racks:

Unpack with ex Winrar for PC, or The Unarchiver for Mac, there are tons of tools for unpacking, use whatever tool you want.

Remember to install your plugins as VST2 !


PASSWORD is the same as filename, Dont share this PLEASE, get new members in the FB group instead!


For PC.

Take the folder (Repro 1) put it here
Documents/Ableton/User library/Presets/Instruments/instrument racks/ (Repro 1)

Effect racks: Documents/Ableton/User library/Presets/Audio Effects/ Audio Effect Rack


For Mac.

Take the folder to Instrument Rack : HD/ Users/ Username/ Music/Ableton/User library/ Presets/Instruments/ Instrument Rack.


Browsing on Push.

On Push you go to User files- User Library- Presets- Instruments- Instrument Rack Browse presets by pressing preset name on push, then press browse thats it.


Touchable Pro.

On touchable pro press the clock logo on the right side, you will see the tracks and a box und each with a name of preset or plugin down left in the box, and a small arrow like this v upper right in the box, tap there and the midi parameters shows up. also tab menu for seeing all parameters 9-16, 16-24 etc..browse presets by finding you library and presets and just drag a preset to the track where you serum already is.


Midi Mappings:
All Push racks are with an easy and logic midi mappings, there is no mappings blending in 2 banks for example ADSR or OSC are beside each other in one bank.

Normally the filters are the first mappings. When you have found a preset, with Push, you will see 8 empty macros, then press the device name, and you will see the first 8 midi mapped parameters,
press device again, and you will see all the midi mapped banks, with all its parameters.


Video about how it works:  (im not a YouTuber so sorry about the quality, and my lazy sleepy voice, im not like that :)


If you like my work, Please concider donate, there are literally hundreds of work hours behind these, they are all done manually, preset by preset: