Its 3 euro (2,25 excl.vat) for a rack, and there are also very favourable bundle prices. Send me a request by this email address: 

I will send you and invoice from PayPal and download links after payment.

All Push VST Preset Racks are made specific for Push. Its Ableton instrument racks.adg files, factory presets, they also work with Touchable Pro in the same way as on Push, and you can set them up quick and easy with many other Midi controllers too. All preset banks are made for easy Preset browsing, and for easy tweaking the plug-ins parameters using Push only, no more mousing and looking at your Computer screen.

There are alot of free racks to free vst,s in "Push Racks" where you can try them out before buying


You agree to own a legal version with a license of both the Plug-ins and Ableton Live, when ordering Push VST Racks. 



                                           Short video of how they work: